88tc88 Helps Indie Artists Get ‘Big in China’

88tc88-logo88tc88 is a Berlin-based music startup that helps outsiders distribute and sell music in China online, via mobile and in physical forms though they appear to have most fully developed mobile opportunities. They work with indie artists, labels, aggregators and publishers including translation and government approval services. Currently 88tc88 is the only company of which I'm aware that provides such a complete package to indie artists and smaller labels.

I have been meaning to take a closer look at 88tc88, who I first found out about when they became Hypebot sponsors, and was reminded to do so by a post at Tech in Asia. I've been following China and business issues in China for a number of years. Though I decided against actually moving there, due to concerns related to pollution, human rights and Web censorship, I think it's well worth musicians' time to begin exploring the possibilities in a nation that has a huge consumer market as it continues its move towards a more open society.

That said, from a period of intensively following China Law Blog, it's quite clear that the difficulties of doing business in China are almost impossible without a Chinese partner or a foreign company developing relationships with Chinese partners. That's why I think 88tc88 is definitely worth checking out whether you simply want to distribute your music there or hope to establish awareness as a prelude to touring.

88tc88 is developing partnerships with numerous Chinese companies on an ongoing basis. In June they announced a mobile deal that allows them to now reach all mobile subscribers including iPhone subscribers.

They also offer such all important services as translation of content into Chinese and administration of the process of gaining government approval of your content. Given that the government will ban music without offering specific reasons for the ban, such approval is a necessary aspect of selling content in China.

While there are many arguments against doing business in China, if you're considering those opportunities, you might enjoy reading Alan Paul's "Big in China" about his experiences raising a family and starting what became a successful blues band in collaboration with Chinese musicians.  And, if you're ready to make it happen, it looks like 88tc88 would be a great partner in introducing yourself to the Chinese music market.

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Note: 88tc88 is a Hypebot advertiser.

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