50 Cent: “P2P is Part of Music Marketing”

From ZeroPaid.com

Says that record label marketing dollars vanish with declining sales, but that even pirates end up at a concert, buy t-shirts, and even albums.

Hip hop megastar 50 Cent appearedon the Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) recently to promote his new book “The 50th Law,” and during the interview he made some interesting points about P2P and what it means for music artists like himself.

When asked how performers are to make money in the music business these days he points out that even though things have changed considerably it is still possible.

“The technology is absolutely shifting things, and uh the marketing dollars that the major companies were providing for artists in the past is gone with the actual record labels.”

So when it comes to illegal file-sharing 50 Cent believes that it’s simply a “part of the marketing” necessary to make up for what the record labels are no longer able to afford.

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