10 Things About Music Production

I’m constantly being asked “What should I do after my songs are recorded?” Or “my EP/LP/Record is done. Now what do I do?”

Here’s a simple chart that shows the basic lifecycle of a song, EP or album.

10 Ideas-Production

All of you know items 1 thru 5; Song Development into Mastering. Items 6 thru 10, however, still remain a mystery to many.

I’m not going into details about any of these items because, quite frankly, there’s already a ton of information out there that will explain each one way better than I could. This is just quick guide to point you in the right directions.

One note about Marketing Music:

Aside from the Song itself (well, and Mixing and Mastering since that’s what I do [Hehe]) I feel, no I’m positive, the next important component is Marketing.

If you have a budget for a project I would suggest putting 30% to 50% of that money into Marketing and PR. Those are important steps in promoting your work.

Budgeting for a Music Project:

If you want to know how to budget for your music projects here’s a simple 4 Step outline from Bandzoogle. Did you notice that most of the items are for Marketing and PR?

If you have questions about how to attack any of these items shoot me an email. I have a lot of experience with most if them so I’d be happy to discuss with you if you need help. You can contact me here.

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  1. Eli Richardson at

    It’s great that you talked about music production and what steps to follow. Recently, one of my friends mentioned he’s interested in recording a record and a video with his band. They had a couple of music gigs, and they’re excited to take the next step, so I’ll be sure to share this article with my friend. Thanks for the tips about how after making a song, you need to mix and master it.

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